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During the cold, blustery days of winter, everyone burns plenty of calories, just staying warm as they go about their daily activities. By the time dinner time rolls around, the family is looking to sit down to a hearty, filling meal to dispel that winter chill. However, we all know that many of the supposed comfort food recipes are so hearty and calorie rich, they often result in unwanted pounds creeping on, in the most undesirable places.

commonly, waistlines expand and thigh measurements increase. Some people gain weight, evenly distributed all over the body. In any case, your clothes don’t fit! This means a diet ensues when the weather warms and you’re wondering how to look good in your bathing suit. In addition to this, gaining and losing weight quickly tends to throw off your metabolism, which is not a good thing. This can lead to health problems, as well as the psychologMostical discouragement of being on a diet, several times a year. Here we offer some strategies that allow you to serve comfort food recipes that are satisfying and nutritious, but won’t put on the pounds.

Serving a dinner salad before your entree, with a side of whole grain French bread, brushed with olive oil instead of butter, garnished with red bell peppers and sliced olives and then broiled, whets the appetite and lets you fill up and have a smaller portion of the entree. This strategy works well as an accompaniment to almost any comfort food recipe.

Beef stew is a winter time favorite. Properly prepared, this comfort food recipe can be a satisfying meal that is low in calories. Instead of using a highly salted beef broth, opt for the low sodium beef broth. You can also use a mix of one half low sodium beef broth and one half vegetable broth, naturally low in sodium. Seasoned with the classic combination of parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme adds complexity of flavor and virtually no calories. Go light on the potatoes, making up the difference with carrots, onions, green beans, celery and mushrooms. This provides a high protein, high fiber dish which is low in calories.

Seafood chowders are another great choice in comfort food recipes. White chowders, made with 2% milk as the broth base, a variety of seafood, such as clams, shrimp, Krab(TM) and catfish nuggets, make an economical comfort food recipe. Add plenty of veggies of your choice. Sliced celery, kernel corn, red bell peppers, mushrooms and water chestnuts go well with chowder, adding few calories, lots of fiber and plenty of those valuable antioxidants. Add a dash of cayenne to brighten the taste, along with some fresh dill and you’ve got a filling, healthy comfort food recipe.

Gumbo is yet another healthy and nutritious comfort food dish to add to your repertoire. This dish can be made with either chicken and andouille sausage, or seafood as the meat. The secret to a good gumbo is using the classic ‘trinity’ of vegetables, onions, celery and sweet bell peppers, which give this soup its distinctive flavor. The classic seasonings are thyme, cayenne pepper and gumbo file. Served in a bowl, over rice, this comfort food is incredibly filling, but keeps your waistline intact!

So there you have three nights of comfort food recipes that win you praise on all fronts. Delicious, healthy and low calorie dishes your family will love, especially when they weigh in come springtime!

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